An assessment is made to determine if the client must meet a minimum of 70% to 100% compliance for certification.

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  1. Introduction Packet Distribution:

Each new client receives a welcome packet from Made in USA One LLC, which includes:

a. A welcoming letter from Made in USA One LLC.
b. A license application form that needs to be filled out and signed.
c. an affidavit requiring a digital signature or notarization.
d. A standard letter to suppliers is to be signed without filling in the recipient's name.
e. A dual non-disclosure agreement is to be signed by the client and Made in USA One LLC.
f. Terms and conditions document that needs to be agreed upon and signed.
g. Two client product information sheets that need to be filled out.
h. Payment and wiring instructions for the audit fee.

  1. Document Submission and Fee Payment:
  • Clients must return the completed and signed documents through fax, email, or regular mail and pay the audit fee.
  • Documents received via fax are scanned using OCR software, converted to PDFs, and stored on the company's document management system.

Unique Identifier Assignment:

  • A unique identifier is assigned to each product that a client seeks to certify. This identifier is structured as follows:
    • Example: FL0AA.0001.000A,
      State, local region, category, company ID, and product ID.

Compliance Level Determination:

  • An assessment is made to determine if the client must meet a minimum of 70% to 100% compliance for certification.

Vendor Identifier Assignment:

  • Unique identifiers are assigned to each vendor listed on the client's product information sheet and are added to our database.

Vendor Affidavit Verification:

  • The client's vendor list is checked against the Made in USA One database to identify vendors with current affidavits. Vendors needing re-certification or those without affidavits are noted.

Vendor Communication:

  • Vendors without a current affidavit receive a standard letter, confidentiality agreement, and third-party affidavit for completion. Vendors with a current affidavit are informed of their inclusion in another client's supply chain and asked to report any changes affecting their certification status.

Affidavit Collection:

  • Vendors return their completed affidavits through fax and mail, which are then digitized, stored, and referenced in the company's document management system.

Compliance Verification for 70% +- 5 Threshold:

  • If insufficient affidavits are received to meet the 70% compliance threshold, additional inquiries are made to the suppliers of non-compliant vendors to verify the U.S. origin of their products.

Certification and Final Fee Payment:

  • Upon receiving enough affidavits to meet the required compliance level, the client is informed of their successful certification. After the final payment is received, a plaque, information packet, and Made in USA paraphernalia, along with instructions for downloading certification graphics and usage guidelines, are sent to the client. Technology staff will also provide tools for creating customized certification seals following the Made in USA One style guide.

Customized Seal Creation:

  • Made in USA One LLC's technology team develops a specialized tool for certified companies. This tool enables them to generate their own customized certification seals. The guidelines for the design, including the size of the graphics and the weight (DPI) for both print and web usage, are provided as part of the certification packet.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring:

  • After certification, Made in USA One LLC continues to monitor its clients' compliance. This includes periodic reviews to ensure the certified products meet Made in USA standards. Clients may be required to submit updated documentation or information as part of this ongoing process.

Renewal Process:

  • Certification is valid for a specific period, after which clients must renew it. The renewal process involves reviewing the client's current product range, supply chain, and compliance level. It may also involve an updated audit fee and the submission of new or revised documentation.

Updates and Changes Notification:

  • Clients must inform Made in USA One LLC of any significant changes to their product line, manufacturing process, or supply chain that could affect their Made in USA certification status. This ensures that all certified products continue to meet the required standards.

Conflict Resolution and Appeals:

  • In cases where a client disagrees with a certification decision or compliance assessment, Made in USA One LLC provides a clear appeals process. This process allows clients to present additional information or argue their case for compliance. A dedicated team reviews appeals to ensure fair and impartial decisions.

Promotional Support:

  • Made in USA One LLC offers promotional support to its certified clients, including featuring them on its website, social media platforms, and in other marketing materials. This helps clients leverage their Made in USA certification for marketing and sales advantage.

Educational Resources:

  • Made in USA One LLC provides clients with a range of educational resources. These resources cover various compliance aspects, marketing strategies for Made in USA products, and best practices for maintaining certification.

Networking Opportunities:

  • Certified clients are invited to participate in events, workshops, and seminars organized by Made in USA One LLC. These events offer networking opportunities with other Made in USA certified companies, industry experts, and potential buyers interested in Made in USA products.