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Future Farmers of America (FFA) and the "Product of USA" certification.


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Welcome to our collaborative initiative with farms across the USA! By joining us and registering your farm, you will receive a unique UUID (Universally Unique Identifier), each linked to a trackable QR code. These identifiers are first recorded on the IBM Hyperledger Private Blockchain and then validated on the Public Blockchain, ensuring enhanced security and transparency. This setup not only gives you access to advanced technologies such as blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) but also aids in promoting the "Product of USA" certification.

By becoming a part of our platform, you join a vibrant community dedicated to uplifting American agriculture and showcasing the superior quality of products made in or produced in the USA. Your participation extends beyond your farm—it's part of a nationwide effort to support agricultural education and development initiatives, shaping the future of farming in America.

As a farm owner, your role is crucial in championing the "Product of USA" certification, advancing agricultural practices, and making a meaningful impact in the agricultural sector. Your decision to sign up today marks a significant step towards celebrating and enhancing American agriculture. We are excited to have you on board!

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) is an organization committed to empowering young people interested in agriculture to achieve excellence in leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. The "Product of USA" certification ensures that consumers are purchasing goods sourced, grown, or produced in the United States, affirming the origin and quality of agricultural products and providing consumers with confidence in the authenticity and integrity of their purchases.

Please use the FFA Registration Code to provide FFA credit and a discount to your US farm.

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