Presidential Executive Orders 13788, 13858, 13881, and 14005
The BUY AMERICAN and Made in USA /America Act.

Strong Business Model

The MIUSA.ONE brand is built on collecting and delivering High-Quality Data for supply chain compliance and transparency.

MIUSA.ONE aims to Certify genuine products and Ensure products meet government standards

MIUSA.ONE focuses on Truth in manufacturing and Accountability in production

MIUSA.ONE ensures Safety through advanced lab testing Security with quality controls

MIUSA.ONE's approach includes Decentralized evidence collection using a Gig workforce and advanced rewards model.

Decentralized evidence collection using a Gig workforce and advanced rewards model

Block-chain Technology benefits

Utility token issuance. Decentralized immutability Enhanced transparency

Micro-transactions support

Disruptive, Defensible Technology

  • MADE in USA.ONE pioneers the integration of AI and Blockchain for "Made in USA" and "Product of USA" Certifications, adhering to FTC and US Government standards.

  • Implements advanced security and verification processes to ensure the authenticity and quality of products in the US market.

  • Offers a scalable certification model that meets the dynamic needs of the US market and consumer demands for transparency.

  • Enhances product certification, setting new benchmarks for compliance and excellence within the US economy.

  • Utilizes cutting-edge technologies to promote the integrity of products made in the USA, representing a significant advancement in certification standards.

Performance Highlights

MADE IN USA ONE LLC (MIUSA.ONE) offers a cloud-based, scalable platform for transparent supply chains, accessible through the Verity One app.

The company streamlines compliance by capturing supply chain evidence from origin to end-use, catering to agricultural and manufactured goods. MIUSA.ONE programs are compliant with leading certifications and government standards.

Adapting to the evolving gig economy, MIUSA.ONE strategies capitalize on mobile Technology and social media to foster a closer bond between brands and consumers.

A decentralized reward system by MIUSA.ONE enhances brand-consumer relationships. The platform incorporates sophisticated anti-fraud measures and data security protocols, utilizing the potential of blockchain.

By harnessing AI, ERP, and OPEN-SOURCE tech, Verity One assesses, identifies, and notifies about discrepancies, facilitating immediate recall management and the recall processes.

Associates and Clientele

MIUSA.ONE boasts certified products that are actively distributed. Key blockchain collaborations include Hyperledger in addition To lot infrastructure partnerships, which includes VERITY ONE LTD, licensed to utilize the MIUSA.ONE system. Al-driven insights further empower their offerings.

Global Necessity

Around the world, billions seek confirmation of their food's safety.

By 2024, the financial implications of counterfeit items are projected to surpass 2 trillion dollars worldwide. International apprehension regarding product safety, sustainability and efficient recall are on the rise.

As deceptive data becomes increasingly prevalent, there's an escalating demand for secure and transparent supply chains, including efficient product recall mechanisms.

Modern consumers lean towards a digital-centric methodology to affirm their trust in consumed brands, especially when it comes to product recalls.